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WOW. Just, wow! This really is amazing! It embodies the 4th game pretty well! Toby? I really like your name for him! I call him Tyler.....

This is just beautiful... Truly, there is but one word to describe this: FEELZZZZZ. It kind of reminds be of Balloons, and that will fo...

Heh heh... Is funny. Who's that other one- is it GoldenFreddy? I can't tell... They're glitching around too much... I don't understand ...

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I think way too much
Ok so lately, I feel like everyone is mad at me, I don't really know why. But I'm really happy at the same time. I've finally found characters I like to draw, like Tyler and Henry and stuff, but for some reason I'm like scared because Tyler was originally Happy's OC and I kinda adopted him because he never drew him and I really liked him. I'm mainly scared I'm gonna get hate for "stealing his OC" when actually he gave him to me {and I made him into a yaoi God} I've also had some issues at home and just been really on edge. Idk why just wanted to get that out, might post vent art tomorrow.
:iconhenryonceabirdy:henryonceabirdy 1 1
I have a theory
OK you might think I'm crazy but here it is,
What if god really is dead, just like the memes said. What if god never existed at all. My theory is this and read carefully.
Aliens. They started out of the big bang, they were here before life on earth began. But they're more powerful than we are. What if aliens saw us and said "man it seems like they need a leader"
So they made "god" a fat ass dude sitting on a couch, and they gave him "power" except it was all under their control, god is normal just like us.
They gave him popcorn, and every time he ate it he killed someone.
And they gave him soda, and every time he drank it he brought life.
They gave him a t.v. and every time he changes the channel the weather changes.
And he just sat on his lazy ass for millions of years.
Then god died.
And his dog, he screwed everything up.
He ate the popcorn like crazy, messed with the tv, drank too much soda etc.
So the aliens 
They weren't sure what to do
So they saw an opportunity
And they put
:iconhenryonceabirdy:henryonceabirdy 2 1
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veoxi is sleeptalking
im sitting next to him in bed and all the lights are off and im on my laptop and its rly quiet and creepy
so im feeling anxious so i scratched his head for a second before i started typing something and he just went
"how did you get those made already??"
first off he scared the shit out of me but then i was like "made what"
and he just pauses and in this really upset voice "the cups"
so im just like "what cups"
"you made these cups with sauce in them and you put them in the right bags and now we have straws and im proud of you"
im like losing my shit at this point so im just like "honey i didnt make anything.."
"I DONT CARE you made the CUPS and i love you ok"
and then he just. went back to sleep.
idk if i should feel less anxious now or more anxious. what cups. why are there cups.
:iconkoili:Koili 28 24
that feel when
tfw youve been wanting to draw characters in a classic cartoony style for a long time
but now if you try to do it people will say "OMGEEE BENDY AND THE FUCKIGN INK MACHINE OMG LOLZ"
i hate my life
:iconkoili:Koili 15 23
(UPDATED WITH CRINGE) 7 year anniversary
i forgot the 21st was my 7 year anniversary here wow
quick everybody laugh at my first upload ever 
now laugh at the rest of my old art lmao
legit just scroll through all of it, it gets worse as you go down and its fucking cringy and hilarious. theres a lot of mary sue oc x canon ships and its awful
EDIT: heres some cringe highlights for those too busy to scroll


(i literally cant include any of my iz oc x canon ships my eyes have literally squinted so hard they hurt)
(if youre brave enough go through my invader zim folder for shits and giggles)
(my eyeballs have legitimately retracted into my anus from cringing)
(all i see is shit) 
:iconkoili:Koili 10 5
2010-2011 is coming back
me: *listens to music from '10-'11* *draws invader zim and ponies* *launches minecraft* *makes brownies virtually every day*
i want to di e
:iconkoili:Koili 7 8
ask the Fazbear family :iconherobrinekid200:Herobrinekid200 4 1 springtrap :iconherobrinekid200:Herobrinekid200 5 0 [SFM] The 70's Bear :iconjoshygamer201x:JoshyGamer201X 25 4



AdventureNightmareBB Alternate Design
I decided that due to the uninspired Adventure Nightmare BB, I needed a new design for him.
What do you think?
His loading screen says "Some things can't be made cute"

I think Scott just got tired of redesigning characters.
The ONLY difference between NightmareBB and ADVENTURENightmareBB, is that AdventureNightmareBB doesn't have knees O_O
Crying Babs
Aww they're so precious...
Wen dey cri, I cri ;-;

December, Ash, Poof and Bentley belong to me.
I'm so proud of this!
Outline, color, shading, lighting, even a background!
I'm pretty sure the majority of you out there believe the "Fredbear did the bite" theory.
"You see it happen in the game!"

However, I was always for the Mangle doing the bite theory.

And guess what, they did.
Here's how:

FNaF1, the only time the bite is mentioned in-game.

PhoneGuy: So, just be aware, the characters do tend to wander a bit. Uh, they're left in some kind of free roaming mode at night. Uh...Something about their servos locking up if they get turned off for too long. Uh, THEY USED TO BE ALLOWED TO WALK AROUND DURING THE DAY TOO. But then there was The Bite of '87. Yeah. I-It's amazing that the human body can live without the frontal lobe, you know?

FNaF2, Night 1:
PhoneGuy: They've spent a small fortune on these new animatronics, uh, facial recognition, advanced mobility, THEY EVEN LET THEM WALK AROUND DURING THE DAY. Isn't that neat?

Now let's take a second to think about the FNaF timeline.

We know for a fact that the games take place in this order:
4, 2, 1, 3.

FNaF2 takes place AFTER FNaF4. 

In FNaF2, the animatronics are allowed to walk around during the day.

In FNaF1, PhoneGuy says the animatronics could walk around BEFORE the Bite of '87.

If the FNaF2 animatronics can walk around during the day, then that makes it absolutely impossible for the bite to have happened in FNaF4. 

This automatically proves that the incident known as "The Bite of '87", was NOT Fredbear.

That's just a different bite.

Furthermore, PhoneGuy says the victim of the bite LIVED without their frontal lobe. At the end of FNaF4, the kid DIES.

The Bite of '87 was Mangle.


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